Diversity, equity and inclusion

Building the courage to be human

Our statement

edyn’s purpose is to build brands designed around Soulful Hospitality. This is only possible if the growth of our company is centered around a deep respect for humanity.

Everyone at edyn should feel free and safe to express their ideas, state their opinions and share their lived experiences in an environment of openness, tolerance and curiosity. This principle sits at the heart of our approach to improving diversity and inclusion.

We are on a DEI journey that we have yet to complete, and we acknowledge our failures or weaknesses as we discover them. With these clear principles & goals we travel together to seek to drive change, evolve ourselves and the edyn community.

Our approach

We've established goals and supporting commitments which will help us ensure that everyone in edyn feels a sense of belonging, regardless of their background or identity.

Have the courage to question

We will deepen our efforts to build a culture of openness to ideas, beliefs, opinions and experiences in all matters. No one at edyn should ever feel afraid to speak out.

Play an active role

We encourage every member of our community to play an active role in improving diversity, equity, inclusion and ultimately a sense of belonging for all our colleagues.

Be locally sensitive

We want edyn and its operations to sit naturally and comfortably in their immediate environments, and to reflect the rich diversity of our neighbourhoods.

Commitments in 2023


Increase our employee data on diversity, equity and inclusion. Our target is for 75% of our colleagues to voluntarily share this information.


Analyse and report annually on variances in representation between our colleagues and the countries we operate in.


Review data on promotions, recruitment and leavers annually to uncover trends relating to inclusion.


All colleagues will be encouraged to attend awareness roadshows to improve understanding of diversity and inclusion.


By the end of 2023 all managers will attend a hiring skills workshop to improve awareness of areas such as unconscious bias.


Share regular updates on our DEI journey publically.