Sustainability strategy and commitments

Our 2022 Impact Report

At edyn, we want to foster harmony between our sanctuaries and the places they call home – that’s what drives our journey towards sustainability. While we truly believe hospitality can enrich lives, we know our industry impacts people and planet – for worse, as well as better.

Our 2022 Impact Report shows our commitment to a deeper and more structured response to sustainability, outlining our strategy in each area of environmental, social, and governance.

We've come a long way so far

In 2022 we made great progress – here are just a few of our achievements.

We're always gazing towards the future

We have big dreams for 2023 and beyond – here are just some of our key goals.

Our commitments drive us forward

Progress towards these goals is driven by a clear set of commitments in the three areas of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), that underpin all activities across every aspect of our business - from acquisition, to development and operations.

  • Caring for the Environment

    We’re collecting data that helps us set targets and track progress for limiting and reducing edyn’s impact on the environment.

    1. We’ve begun measuring the carbon emissions we directly produce; emissions that come from energy generated on our behalf; and emissions related to essential activity like water, waste and business travel
    2. We’re setting targets and pathways for reducing those emissions
    3. By 2023, we’ll start collecting data on the carbon emissions produced throughout the rest of our value chain
    4. By 2024, we’ll set targets for reducing our carbon emissions throughout our value chain

  • We're doing our bit to be Social

    We’re working with our stakeholders to prioritise the wellbeing of people – including our team, guests, communities, and suppliers. We want to…

    1. Be widely recognised as a socially conscious and progressive employer, creating environments where our team has a sense of belonging and shared purpose
    2. Form a deep and enduring relationship with our guests based on memorable experiences and by helping them manage the impact of their travels
    3. Demonstrate sensitivity to the identity and cultural context of the local communities where we operate, supporting them and helping them flourish
    4. Build productive and balanced relationships with suppliers and partners who share our sustainability values

  • Creating strong roots with effective Governance

    We’re forging a structured approach to sustainability that allows us to clearly and objectively monitor and communicate our progress. We will…

    1. Establish governance structures that enable us to meet our targets and embed sustainability in all areas of our business
    2. Establish sustainability credentials that are recognised and verified by internationally accepted certification schemes
    3. Communicate regularly and transparently our sustainability progress to all stakeholders