Guest Notice Regarding Attempted Phishing Scams

We are aware of an attempted phishing scam being sent over email to guests who recently used to book their stays with us. 

Some guests have received emails which appear to be from instructing them to follow a link and make a payment to avoid their reservation being cancelled. These payments are requested under the guise of either demanding a deposit for a stay or as part of the launch of a new cryptocurrency payment option.  

These emails are fraudulent. Do not engage with them.  

If you received an email like this and have clicked or provided your credit card details or any personal information, please contact your bank and cancel the payment card used to make the transaction and follow further guidance from your bank.  

Even if you did not receive an email like this, or did not engage with it, we still recommend that you reset your account password.

At this stage we understand only guest email addresses to have been compromised, unless guests have clicked on the phishing email and entered further details themselves. There is no evidence to suggest that our internal servers or systems have been breached.  

Upon learning of this incident, we immediately contacted, engaged specialist IT forensic teams to investigate the fraudulent activity, and have taken the following steps:

  • Reviewed our messaging system, halted the messages being sent to customers, and deleted the templates being used for this scam 
  • Instigated a forced reset of edyn’s account passwords 
  • Deployed additional anti-malware software across all edyn users 
  • Set up an investigation team involving cyber security experts and legal counsel to fully investigate the cause and extent of the incident, including liaising with 
  • Set up a dedicated customer service team to respond to guests concerns 
  • Contacted all our property teams to reassure any concerned guests 
  • Notified data protection authorities  

For any guests who may be affected, please do not hesitate to contact us. The best way to contact us is through live chat, or by emailing [email protected]. Alternatively, you can contact us via phone on +44 (0) 330 174 2694.

Contact us by live chat:

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Last updated: 08/12/23