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The edyn Portal is your one-stop-shop to book and modify business travel arrangements that can be tailored to your company’s needs, combining great functionality with human support at every step.

If you have a question about the edyn Portal, you may find the answer in our FAQs below. Should you still have any queries, please contact [email protected].

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Searching/booking apartments

  • Why can’t I see the property that I want to book?

    The property may be unavailable for the time period that you are requesting or it may not be loaded as a preferred partner. Select alternative dates if you are flexible on travel dates or alternatively ask a Reservation Agent to check by clicking on the LIVE CHAT function from the home page.

  • How do I search for apartments near a specific location?

    If booking for yourself, select book apartment and input the postcode in the location box and select search. Preferred properties will always show first, and if there is availability apartment options closest to your searched postcode will be displayed. You can also use the distance filter on the left hand side to increase or decrease the area you are searching.

  • How do I select an apartment with a washing machine?

    When searching for apartments, select SHOW MORE. Underneath the apartment type, look for a tick for washing machine or washer/dryer. If the building has communal laundry facilities, this will be displayed in the amenities tab to the far right.

  • Can I view apartments that are within a specific price range?

    Select ADHOC or CORPORATE JOURNEY and initiate a search. Once search results appear you can filter your results by price range, property name, distance and rating.

  • Can I view pictures of the apartment before I book?

    When searching for apartments, select SHOW MORE from the search results. Click on the images tab which will display a gallery of apartment images. Note the images will be indicative of the apartment offered and may not be the specific apartment you are allocated.

  • Which rate should I choose?

    From the search results you will be able to see a AGENT BAR rate as well as a preferred negotiated rate, if agreed with edyn and is available. You can choose either of these options.

  • Why can I not see my companies preferred rate?

    On some occasions and during high demand periods company rates are sometimes unavailable. AGENT BAR rates will always remain available and always be visible if there is availability. Remember to check the cancellation terms for each rate plan.

  • Can I book for any length of stay?

    Yes, properties booked via the portal are typically available for a minimum of 1 night and a maximum of 365 nights unless otherwise stated.

  • What happens if I search a location and no properties show on the search results?

    If no results show when initiating a search, you will have the option to click SEND and a request will be sent to a Reservation specialist who can try to initiate a search offline.

  • Where can I see the VAT breakdown for my long stay booking?

    Once you have selected the property and room type, select SHOW RATES and you will be able to see the nightly rate and applicable VAT.

  • Where can I see any applicable City Tax?

    When search results are displayed, choose the property that you wish to book and select the DETAILS tab. If applicable, City Tax will be displayed here. 

    City Tax is typically payable locally and will not show in the rate breakdown.

  • Where can I view applicable commission for each booking?

    If a commissionable agreement is in place, then you will see the commission value in GBP in the booking journey. Select SHOW RATES. Commission value will only display if it has been requested during the configuration set up.  

  • How do I book an apartment that is pet friendly?

    After deciding on the apartment type that you wish to book, select the DETAILS tab to see if a property is pet friendly. 

    Based on your configuration set up you will be asked the question "will you be bringing a pet?"

    If your answer yes to this question, this request will be processed offline and a member of our Reservations Team will contact you to advise on applicable charges.

  • How do I add on car parking to my booking?

    Based on your configured set up, after selecting the apartment type and completing traveller information, you will be asked if car parking is required. 

    If you answer YES to this question, your enquiry will be taken offline and member of our Reservations Team will process the request offline.

    Remember to look at the details tab to see if the property has car parking.

  • How do I make an enquiry only?

    Select ADHOC BOOKING and follow the booking journey. If the property is not available to book online then you can request a quote.

Booking on Behalf of a Corporate Company  

  • How do I book on behalf of a corporate company?

    If your account has been set up to allow you to book on behalf of a corporate company, you will need to select CORPORATE BOOKING on the left-hand column of the home page. Select the pre-loaded company within the drop down and select the Authoriser/Traveller and click Go. Continue the booking journey by searching for the employee you are booking on behalf of and selecting ‘Apartment’.  

  • How do I add a corporate company to book on behalf of?

    Please contact your Sales Manager to discuss setting up rates for specific clients. We will then contact you to discuss making these visible in the portal.

Confirming your booking

Cancelling/modifying your booking

  • I need to shorten my stay, how do I adjust my booking?

    Select your booking under MY BOOKINGS, click on the VIEW icon, MORE ACTIONS and MODIFY. Select the reason for modification. A reservation agent will then be in contact to process your request and to advise of applicable charges.

  • How can I extend a booking I have made?

    Select your booking under MY BOOKINGS, click on the VIEW icon and MORE ACTIONS. Select MODIFY. Select the reason you wish to modify the booking and provide details. A reservation agent will then be in contact to process your request. All extensions are on a request basis only.

  • How do I cancel a booking I have made?

    Select your booking under MY BOOKINGS, click on the VIEW icon and select MORE ACTIONS and CANCEL. Select the reason you wish to cancel the booking and provide details. A reservation agent will then be in contact to process your request and to advise of any applicable charges.

My bookings

  • How do I view all my bookings that I have made through the portal?

    Select MY BOOKINGS from the home page. All future bookings will appear and each booking can be viewed individually. In order to view past bookings, select Filter and tick 'Include Travelled Bookings' and amend or remove the booking dates on the right hand side. All bookings can be exported to an excel document or PDF by clicking the Excel/PDF icon.

My reports

  • How can I view reports from the portal?

    Users that have been permitted access to self service reports will only be able to view reports. Your access levels can be viewed under MANAGE MY DETAILS, SETTINGS.

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